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APRIL, 2019

Imago Dei

326 Main Street, Franklin, TN 37065

visit: ShopImagoDei.com

A generational lifestyle store thoughtfully curated in Franklin, TN.


Being in business since 2016, Imago Dei has captivated shoppers all over the Nashville and Franklin areas. The boutique sells their jewelry and clothes, while successfully creating an inviting atmosphere to come in and feel loved the second you walk through the doors. During our time at Imago Dei, we got to know the owner, Sarah Tucker, and fell more in love with their shop. 

Sarah always has had an eye for fashion and studied fashion merchandising at MTSU. She later worked at a shop, where she learned the ins and outs of running a business and gained tons of experience in the fashion world. Sarah knew in 2015 that starting her own business was just around the corner, but didn’t know how all the pieces would fall into place and wanted confirmation to move forward. She got that confirmation one day from a dream of a fitting room wall covered in words of truth about identity from God and knew from that day forward that the shop should be called “Imago Dei” which means “in the image of God”. Literally the next day she got a message from the owner of the House of Belonging in the Factory in Franklin who said she could use her space to run her shop. The pieces were in place, and they hit the ground running with a shop centered around making their customers feel loved. 

As growth continued, January 1st, 2016 was the day that she and her family walked down Main Street in Franklin, TN looking and believing for a new space of their own for Imago Dei. They landed the perfect spot which opened up in October of 2016 right near popular destinations like Anthropologie, White’s Mercantile, and Frothy Monkey. 

Marketing, specifically on social media platforms like Instagram, has really helped Imago Dei grow tremendously in just three years. Locals have also really helped bring in business through word of mouth. Also, with tourism on the rise, traffic in town has helped the growth of the store and made products like their jewelry become a hot commodity to purchase while in Nashville. Their customized jewelry, like many of their products in the store, are handmade in Nashville and all reflect their mission of reminding their customers of their identity. 

2019 is a huge year for Imago Dei, with the biggest news being that they are working on opening a second store in the new L&L Market complex off of Charlotte Pike in Nashville this year. You can keep up with the progress of the new store on their social media pages and check them out on their website www.shopimagodei.com.

As always, we love local businesses, so we want to encourage you to go shopping at Imago Dei anytime you are in the Nashville area! 


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