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MAY, 2019

Parlour 3

144 Franklin Road – Suite B
Brentwood, TN 37027

Visit: Parlour3.com

Parlour 3 is a luxurious salon located in Brentwood, TN owned by celebrity hair and makeup artist Melissa Schleicher. 
Their talented team is passionate about empowering their community to feel beautiful from the inside out. 


Parlour 3 is at the top of the game when it comes to the world of beauty. They are located in the heart of Brentwood just 8 miles from downtown Nashville and owned by celebrity hair and makeup artist Melissa Schleicher. Education and community are most important to them and everything they do has a family feel.

Most recently in November of 2018, Parlour 3 opened up Palour 3 Collection, which consists of many A-level aestheticians. They offer a multitude of services including laser therapy, body sculpting, reflexology, facials, waxing, and other services benefiting skin and beauty enhancement. We had the pleasure of talking with Courtney Adams about how she became a part of the Parlour 3 team and got to take a tour of their salons and spa.

Courtney joined onto the team in November, opened up to us about how the owner, Melissa, as well as herself both had to take risks when it came to living out their dreams. Owning a business and working for themselves has at times taken leaps of faith, but the reward of doing what they love has been worth it. “She (Melissa) basically said sometimes you have to risk it all… and look at her now”, Courtney stated.  When asked what her co-workers’ and her favorite part of working at Parlour 3, she said, “We love being a small business within Parlour Three because it gives us room to grow while still being supported by a team of caring women.” This mentality is so important when running a business, and all the women at Parlour 3 do this so well. They believe in working hard, loving others, and supporting each other.

Instagram has been a huge marketing tool for their entire brand. By being consistent with posting and authentic in showing business and personal life, it really has helped in engagement and clients booking more appointments. Since Parlour 3 is so multifaceted, online marketing has been crucial in getting the word out about what services they offer. Since Melissa also works with a handful of well-known celebrities, this has also helped their business grow with word of mouth and their presence on social media. One thing, however, that stood out about Courtney’s perspective on marketing was her value on the actual results they give to their clients. She says, “We believe if you are authentic and open with people, and you strive to give them the best services, then they will naturally be your biggest advertisement.”

If you are in the Nashville area, Parlour 3 is your one-stop shop for all beauty services for both men and women. They have the Parlour 3 salon, Parlour 3 Collection aesthetician services, as well as Barbour 3 men’s grooming lounge and Hunter Paige for bridal parties needing hair and makeup for the big day! Go to www.parlour3.com to check out one of our favorite local businesses around town!  


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